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Meet the organizers of “I See Me In You” Festival,
Annemarie & Petra Veltman.

Annemarie Veltman
Petra Veltman

Annemarie Veltman

Hi, I am Annemarie Veltman, sister of Petra and together we are the Organizers of this Festival. We both are representatives of Connecting Worlds Be One and it is our great pleasure and honor to host the Second Edition of this year’s Festival “I See Me In You”. I have always loved to be involved in the organization of big events throughout my life. I live in Cairo for almost 30 years and am a proud mother of two children. Most of my years in Cairo I worked in the field of Development, Culture and Education which gave me the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in this field and built a great networking. I used to be part of the organization of intercultural festivals and many other amazing projects. After 20 years working in this field, I changed my career, started studying again and 5 years ago I became a Dorn Method Instructor. The Dorn Method, a safe-gentle and natural technique to re-align the body and to alleviate back- neck, joint and other pains in the body (www.dorn-method.com). I have always dreamed to partly be involved, next to my current job, into an intercultural festival where people from All over the World get together as ONE! I am so Happy that this is going to be realized this year. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Big Hugs from Cairo

Petra Veltman

Hello my name is Petra Veltman,  Founder of Connecting Worlds B1 (www.connectingworldsb1.com). Together with my sister Annemarie we are the organizers of this Festival. The main purpose is to bring people from all over the World together to connect, share, gather, meet and celebrate through organizing Events, Trips and Workshops. How great it is to organize this Festival for the second time in Cairo. It al started as a great plan, in January 2015 right from the heart and  we said “Yes, we”ll do this”  the minute we visualized this Festival. The first edition 2015 was a great success, happy people, life change experiences and magnificent energy. For me the reason to have a second edition of this festival and we are looking forward to organize this for you.

I live in the North of Holland and I was a schoolteacher for 14 years. Since 2007 I have my own practice Bergkroon (Mountain Crown) www.bergkroon.nl  I give sessions and teachings in personal development and spiritual trainings. I am also a mother, have a son and a daughter and via many ways, spiritual paths, work and life experiences, I developed myself in who I am right now. I realised how we are all mirrors and how you feel from the inside you got mirrored in your outside world. By growing from the inside, you create your own reality and possibilities. This is my passion, to be your mirror and you are mine.

Let’s meet!

Connecting Worlds B1
Annemarie & Petra