Ahmed Shabaan Ahmed

Self Balancing, Healing, Yoga

We mostly fall out of Balance during stressful times or under pressure.

Usually when there is trouble in one aspect of your life outside of you it is because of an imbalance inside of you, physically, mentally or spiritually.

Using a series of Dynamic Meditations And ChiKung exercises we will release all the negative effects of previous stress on every aspect of our life and learn how to be one with ourselves  and to balance our inner life to balance our outer everyday life.

Workshop program:

  • Self Balance and Self Unity.
  • How to be One with yourself: your emotions, your thoughts, your targets and your body.
  • The Yin and Yang in our life.
  • How to be in Harmony with the yin and yang within.
  • Self Healing techniques for the body and the state of mind.
  • Self Balance and Inner peace.
  • Inner peace during stressful situations.