Amr Fekry

Ancient Egyptian Mysticism, Sound Healing & Meditation

Egyptian artist, born and based in Egypt. Studied fine arts-oil painting, Filmmaking, and practices a vast range of Photography, Short Films, Video Installations, Music, Theater, and also leads Workshops on Sufism and Ancient Egyptian Mysticism.  Living on a rooftop in the center of downtown. He practices what he  preaches, which is fusion between ancient world’s mysticism and current day life. He has a rare appreciation of the old and tries to revive it’s forgotten secrets.

Using his cultural roots in Islam,  Sufism and Ancient Egyptian culture as a spring board of exploration in the ocean of the contemporary world. Through his sufi and ancient mythology readings, personal meetings with sufi masters and on sight exploration, he is able to absorb a deep visual and philosophical  understanding of the ancient world. Through his photographs and video  installations, he reflects what he absorbs along with who he is as a contemporary Egyptian man. Seeking the spiritual path in every journey, he partakes to reflect on daily scenes on life in Egypt.

Amr Fekry is a traditional and non-traditional artist who hopes to  connect today’s human race with the beauties he has been able to discover in the ancient world, hoping to share the experience with them and shade light on places that become dark in people’s heart. Reassuring the qualities that are unseen except through the eyes of the seeker.