Iman Saad

Pythagoras understood the universe as a vast musical instrument. He heard the “Music of the Spheres” and associated specific musical notes with the orbiting planets. Hearing these celestial harmonies puts us in resonance with the harmonic order of the Cosmos. Immense well being results from alignment of our auric field and chakras with the purifying tones of nature’s heavens.
The effect of crystal alpha tones echoing the music of the constellations, is deep and far reaching. Our whole body is a sounding board that can be tuned by theses frequencies. When alpha sound waves of the crystal bowls interact with our body, sympathetic vibrations occur that entrain our brainwaves into an alpha state of deep relaxation and expanded consciousness.
These vibrations resonate on the deepest levels of our cells, tissue, bones, reducing stress, slowing respiration, lowering heart rate- fine tuning the entire body into a state of balance while facilitating an expansion of one’s awareness and creative potential .

“Crystals Singing Bowls”  were used by Iman Saad for the workshop at the first edition of the Festival 2015

Iman is a relationship coach and heart healer.