Nadia Siraj

Gongs Healing Sounds

Nadia Siraj Relationship & Spiritual CoachGong Master Magnified Healing Instructor Nadia was a corporate social responsibility professional for 12 years and worked for 5 years in social development and youth empowerment. In addition to her career, Nadia was socially active and working with different NGOs in Saudi Arabia and started a support group for divorced women to help them believe in themselves and heal from their past experiences. After starting her spiritual quest and learning meditation, Hatha Yoga and a number healing modalities like Jin Shin Jyutsu, Chi Nei Tsang, Healing Hands gongs healing sounds meditation and Magnified Healing in places like Thailand, Bali, India and Dubai. Nadia realized her strengths and soul purpose and decided to mix her knowledge in relationship coaching with healing and sound healing meditations and moved back to Egypt to pursue her passion for helping individuals connect to their true essence and to be in good relationship with themselves and eventually with others.Nadia is a co founder of Sakina Wellness Center which is an embodiment of her dream to create a community for all those who are interested in all wellness and healing related services and activities and want to develop spiritually, emotionally and physically.