Richard van Rijswijk

Sandcircles and Sacred Geometry

Hello, I’m Richard van Rijswijk and I live in the northern part of The Netherlands. During the first edition of the I See Me In You Festival, we made a Sandcircle with a group of people participating in the festival and I will explain the meaning of the Sandcircles and how they came into my life. In a nutshell: back in August 2005 I started to see geometric patterns in visions and dreams. The first vision was a geometric pattern which was drawn in the sand as a big formation.. When I ‘received’ more and more patterns, I started to follow my instinct and drew them in the sand through the basic rules of Sacred Geometry. What followed was a great journey of self-discovering and learning about Sacred Geometry. Today in 2015 we have created up to 35 Sandcircles and they keep on popping up in my inner vision. The pattern of the Sandcircle itself is the mirror between the world we can see and walk on, and the unseen world of the higher realms. As above so below… The different patterns of the 35 Sandcircles will give the participants the possibility to tune in and download the specific level of energy, which is connected with the pattern into their own energy- system. Every pattern is linked to another theme.. Since I made the first Sandcircle, my dream was to make a Sandcircle in Egypt and now this dream has been fulfilled. The themes and patterns for the circle in Egypt, connect the heart, the mind and the feet. As above so below. In lak’ech Richard