Souhair Nemesis

Oriental Dance

Souhair Nemesis is an Argentinian dancer and choreographer living in Egypt. Her work discovers and examines the true essence and passion of Oriental dance.

Nemesis is a former international dancer and choreographer.  Her career started in Argentina under famous Egyptian teachers. She trained with Madame Raquia Hassan, Mahmoud Reada, Nagua Fouad, Ibrahim Akiff, and many, many more. Nemesis perfected her craft in Egypt. She was acknowledged and thanked by the Minister of Culture and Tourism for her continued contribution and celebration of the Egyptian culture expressed in the television program called ‘Marhaba’ that she owned. Nemesis has been teaching for over 10 years and has taught workshops in one of the most famous festivals in Egypt called ‘Ahlan Wa Sahlaan’, that is owned and directed by Raquia Hassan.

Nemesis lives and breathes all that is Egyptian. She profoundly and passionately continues to teach Oriental Dance in Cairo.