Ute Devika Meinel

Laughter Yoga and Emotional Detox

Ute Devika Meinel sets the people she works with on track to more fulfillment and ease. She is a Personal and Professional Development Coach certified by the Coaching Academy in London. Reducing stress and increasing joy is at the heart of her approach.

Ute is a Resilience Trainer certified by the HeartMath Institute in California as well as a teacher of Laughter Yoga. She was personally trained and certified by the founder of this worldwide movement, Dr. Madan Kataria, in India.

Inspiring people to use effective stress management tools is a key aspect of her work that also includes holistic therapies prompting deep relaxation and emotional wellbeing. Apart from individual sessions, Ute offers stress management workshops and wellness retreats.

Ute was born to German parents in Calcutta, India, and raised in the Middle East. She lives in Egypt since 2000 and speaks colloquial Arabic fluently. Ute obtained her PhD in Political Science from the Freie Universitaet Berlin. She worked as a news agency journalist and later as consultant for organizational development and communication for international organizations. She went on to develop her own approach to personal empowerment.

Her motto is: “laugh and thrive”. Ute is giving Laughter Yoga during the Festival.