Wilka Zelders, aka Aysha Free Spirit

Activating the Wisdom of the Elders

  • The Art of Being Present
  • Balancing Yin & Yang
  • Embracing both the Light & the Shadow
  • Meeting You in Me and Me in You
  • Holding Space & Ceremony

All life is cyclic, including our human life. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an ending.

Why then has (Western) society become so afraid of endings that it prefers to pity those that are clearly moving towards this portal of transition?

What motivates us to mainly focus on the outer growth in the morning and midday of our life cycle and disregard the inner growth in the afternoon and midnight of this wheel?

What generates this feeling of resentment and resistance when we talk about the autumn of ones life, while in reality there is so much depth, beauty, reaping, treasure hunting, wondrous unfolding and empowerment waiting at the completion of this life cycle?

Or have we just forgotten about the wisdom of the elders, because we have collectively (young and old) failed to consciously create and hold space for this important phase of completion, release and surrender?

The real gift of the Wisdom of the Elders is not the ego-infused “See, I told you so”, or the attitude of ‘done that, been there’. It is the ability to hold a lot of life force energy in ones presence, to hold space for all kinds of life experiences, both in the dark and in the light, both up and down, in separation and in connection, balancing the collective energy towards peace, harmony, negotiation and forgiveness.

It is time to fully complete the circle and bring back the Wisdom of the Elders.

Wilka Zelders (1955) is calling the elders, both men and women, to gather during this festival and (re)activate their innate wisdom.

During the days of the festival we will pass through different phases that will support us to grab the inner threats of our unique wisdom. The intention of this process is to empower you to carry your own, connected, wisdom back to your families, friends and neighborhoods and start creating and owning a beautiful space for the Wisdom of the Elders.

This festival might be the initiation of a global group of Elders who consciously carry the wisdom of the past and most certainly of the future and present. It might be the start of recurring events that will call participants to gather again and again in different times and places.

The ‘Activating the Wisdom of the Elders’ is not about sharing our laws, traditions or religions, although these have served a purpose to carry us through the ages of separation from our Source. In fact we are now asked to free ourselves from our habits, to move beyond these structures and claim the inner (and outer) space for our own innate wisdom to shine through.

These gatherings of the Elders during the festival will support you to activate the wisdom that lies, authentic and unique, in your own body, your own history, your own life experience. It is an invitation to be completely present with that, to become completely conscious of the balancing effect you have on society and to remember how to activate that balance, wisdom and love, both in yourself as in others around you.

The ‘Activating the Wisdom of the Elders’ is open to each woman and man who knows they are either moving into or have already passed the passageway of becoming an elder. Energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually you (have) enter(ed) a realm of different motivation and abilities then you had before. You are aware of the necessity to let go of specific faculties needed for the phase of being a parent, warrior or provider. And since you are a participant of this festival it is clear that you are aware of your spiritual connection to all life everywhere.